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tv   Debate Night in America  CNN  October 11, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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feel mr. ryan answered questions. >> and our coverage continues right now. -- captions by vitac -- we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. we're in the cnn election center for a come on hennive look at how paul ryan did in this debate. we're releasing the results of the poll of debate watchers. who won tonight? john berman continues to pore through the candidates' answers.
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erin burnett stands by. when they gave the candidates highest and lowest marks. we expected a lively debate and we got it. congressman ryan argued forcefully for changes in the program and said it will go bankrupt. and he said the president's health care reform plan makes things worse. >> look what obama care does. it takes $716 billion from medicare to spend on obama care. even their own chief actuary says you can't claim this goes to medicare and obama care and then they cut medicare each and every year in ways that will denied care for current seniors. this board, 15 people, the president will appoint them next year, and not one with medical
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training. they haven't put a credible solution on the table. he'll tell you about vouchers, say all of these things to try and scare people. here is what we're saying. give younger people when they become medicare eligible. guaranteed coverage options, you can't be denied. including traditional medicare. choose your plan and medicare subsidizes premiums morning coverage for middle income people. choice and competition, we would rather have 50 million future seniors determine how they are getting it, rather than 15 bureaucrats. >> it heard this same thing about death panels from sarah palin. what we did, we cut the costs of ed medicare, stopped overpaying insurance companies when doctors and hospitals -- the ama support
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what happened we and hospitals -- the ama support what happened we did. aarp endorsed what we did. and extended the life of medicare to 2024. senior, ask yourself. do you have better coverage? you do. they wipe all of this out, and medicare becomes insolvent in 2016, number one. number two, guaranteed benefit. it's a voucher when the congressman had his first voucher program, the cbo said it would cost $6, 400 more for every senior 55 and below. governor romney knowing that said i would sign it. were i there. >> you can see both candidates throwing around a lot of claims about medicare. tom foreman and reality check team. have been checking facts, tom.
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what do you see? >> medicare is a government health care plan, mainly for people over 65, million people are counting on that. as you heard from both campaigns, each side is saying the other side's future plans are terrible. >> obama care, taks 716 billion to take care of obama care. >> seniors, have you been denied choices, lost an advantage. >> they haven't put a credible idea on the table. >> ideas are old, bad and eliminate the guarantee of medicare. >> essentially what they are saying, my opponent will destroy medicare, can that really be true. let's look at the facts and consider what's in front of us. the white house plan and the
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landscape they are facing. over the next ten years, the cost of medicare is going to gradually ramp up until it's about a trillion dollars a year. the white house and joe biden would like to introduce that by 10%, the orange section in here. that's the part they want to get rid of. now, their opponents say this part you're getting rid of, that's real care. you are hurting people by taking away benefits. no, it's not. these are reductions and fees, payments that we're making to hospitals and health care programs. in a word this is waste, we can and should get rid of it. but now let's look at the republican pan. the same landscape. same increase up to $1 trillion and would like to reduce it by 10%, but want to rely on private sector, not the government and to do that, they are going to use vouchers. they don't really like that
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word, but that's what it is in its essence. right now, if you are on medicare, what happens, the government pays medicare. medicare pays the hospital. the hospital takes care of you. under this plan, the government would pay you and you would pay medicare or a private insurance company to take care of you. they believe this will create competition and that competition will thrive costs down. two very different approaches to the same problem, two very different ways at getting at a very come protection problem, and there are critics. >> each plan says the other side has some hidden dangers. what are they specifically talking about? >> let's bring back the candidates. the fundamental complaint, right now maybe you are shoving these costs off on the health care providers. over time, maybe health care providers will let the trickle down to recipients.
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maybe they pull out of the system, where do these people go? republican plan, about going to the private sector. private sector involved in health care a long time and cos have gone up anyway. still, each side trying to come up with its own solution to a problem that everyone acknowledges. this notion that either side wants to essentially destroyed medicare. no evidence for it. this is false, wolf, and essentially a scare tactic. >> one more question with so many issues out there, why are the campaigns talking about this one so much? >> they are talking about this one so much, because if you look at the map, you can see a trend that really matters politically. all over this country as the baby boomers have grown older, increased voting strength all over the country. everywhere you see the darker
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states, that's where the percentage is higher. battleground florida, 17% of population over the age of 65. seniors are reliable voters, they are engaged voters and really engaged on the issue of medicare. whoever wins, the medicare debate will probably win a lot of senior votes in the process. >> thank you very much. let's check in with anderson cooper, a panel of analysts and commentators, taking a much closer look what we have seen tonight. anderson. >> that's right. we certainly have been. what else terms of tonight really stood out to you? >> discipline, actually. biden, interrupted a lot, roll his eyes. four years ago, he a very different task. sarah palin, new, different, xoiting. he needed not to excite the waters. totally different joe biden tonight, a totally different race and totalally different --
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>> i think he's a very authentic guy. only job in life has been as a politician. the least phony politician. maybe he will watch a tape, like it or won't. very authentic. >> not being phony doesn't make you attractive, authentically as the woman who said to erin burnett. he was a buffoon. the three people that erin talked to, the people who liked him says because he did better than obama and did better than they expected him to do, because he was a gaffe-inator. women who didn't like either of them said they are all politicians and she didn't like any of it, so, yes, he did what he did to pump up the space, but when you are trying to pump up the base at three weeks out, that's illustrative of an
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ongoing problem with obama's campaig romney-rye even have their base done. and it validated romney's decision making process. and he passed the threshold test, he could be a serious, solid guy in the white house. >> i am seeing it somewhat differently. the counterpoint, biden, too hot at different times. that makes some people uncomfortable. i would say, ryan coming across as robotic. when biden turned toward the camera, he was really talking. when ryan looks at the camera, it seems rehearsed, canned, robotic. but here is what i see is having, everybody is saying the
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same thing, about biden, this guy understand me, even if he got hot, he didn't lose likability points. >> i'm sorry. i have something important to say, but i can't, i'm being interrupted by joe biden. biden accomplished a lot of what he wanted to. but in the end, this is about the future. who talked about the tough shape that the country is in? who talked about it? paul ryan, better vision of the future. his closing statement will play after the debate. that is a vision, we can do better than we're doing now. >> joe biden's job, he had to right the ship, because the ship was going somewhere else so the eye rolling and all the rest, you will be raising money for your pac tomorrow.
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>> optometrist or something, i don't know. it will appeal to the base. the thing about paul ryan, not only did he pass the threshold, but he exhibited a fluency in foreign policy that i actually saturday of said, okay. he really studied, knows his stuff or spent those years in congress and actually learned something. >> didn't he feel overstudied? >> i think they both overstudied. this debate full of facts, figures, and numbers. >> that is one criticism i might have of paul ryan, i would have wanted more pictures and less math. >> um-hum. >> we're awaiting the results we should point out of our poll of tonight. a big response on twitter, what our debate watchers thought. we'll be right back. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time,
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so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. we have the results of our poll of registered voter who's watched tonight's debate. look at this. 48% believe paul ryan was the winner. 44% believe joe biden was the winner. sampling error, plus or minus five points. a tie, a draw, between both of these candidates, given the sampling error. anderson. >> which basically reflects what a lot of you said all evening. >> it reflects the divide in the electorate.
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you get a tie. romney up a point or two, obama up a point or two. you have a polarized america. passing judgment, how they will vote. doesn't look like they changed a lot of minds. again, you hear this, you look at e-mails, and passion, excitement, a lot of acts. we had none of that after the romney/obama debate. you had silence, you had worry. paul ryan had to be happy he proved himself to be a potential president. one thing interesting going forward. one thing, democrats trying to make him scary. the ryan budget would decimate the social safety net. and they haven't been able to do that. in convention speech and debate tonight, he's a likeable guy. if you know him, he's likeable. you might disagree with him on policy. he's a likeable guy. they just disagree with him.
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that helps governor romney. this has a short shelf life. two presidential candidates in the arena tuesday night. this was essentially a draw tonight. both sides can come away happy they did what they wanted to do. >> has joe biden suddenly become barack obama's debate partner? >> it's interesting. reading the social media. because each side are so convinced that their side won. this was no draw. my guy won. and it's interesting how it came out that way. i do think that joe biden did something that barack obama desperately needed, and that's to inject life into the campaign. i have a hard time remembering, maybe some of you can correct me. i can't remember when a challenger to a sitting vice president came out with a draw. look at it from ryan's point of
11:19 pm
view, he did well and helped his side keep their confidence. >> plenty of people four years ago, expectations so low for sarah palin you know, that people said -- >> a clear winner, in the polls. there are some polls that go -- >> she won by not losing because expectations were so low. expectations were higher for paul ryan. he's been around quite some time in washington. he's young, but he's experienced. so there weren't those low expectations for him. ryan did what he did had to do. >> i think this buys the president another week until the debate. which wasn't necessarily true before this debate started. air could have kept leaking out of the balloon. this gets in there. i don't think the structure of the race has changed. i have seen spikes on things
11:20 pm
like rude laugh, smirk. you want to win a debate, but you want to win the post debate. over the next few days, what is the buzz going to be? the biden stuff is go to keep an eye on. it may travel, grow. >> it may be like al gore's size. >> after last debate, the republican has a real surge in voter registration, volunteers, donations. it was real and across the country. my republican friends tell me that. quite sure they are telling me the truth. there may be some people, laugh, smirk. i have been hearing that from donors and political consultants. i heard from a leader of one of the unions and said his guys loved it andill have a big surges in 26 days. >> wolf. >> thank you. are the first and only vice presidential debate now history. issue by issue.
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and moment by moment. as always, the bigger the color tile up there on the wall for each candidate, the more time he spoke. so, first, here is how they timed out overall. vice president biden on the left in blue. speaking for 41:32 tonight. that's about 1:20 longer than congressman ryan did. bear in mind, last week, president obama spoke considerably longer than mitt romney, didn't do him much good. the top three issues of the night. number one for joe biden, the economy at just over 6:00. number one for ryan, budget and taxes at almost 7:00. ryan, budget and taxes, number two issue, ryan, the economy.
11:22 pm
mirror image of biden. vice president spent third most time talking about the problems in the arab world for the congressman from wisconsin. number three, entitlements, such as medicare, social security. that's our team of timers actually scored it. unlike the last debate, what was also striking, how similar two candidates were to the time they devoted to key issues, not because they agreed, instead because for every punch, an equally sharp counterpunch. some examples, each different almost completely. but at times, around 5:00 each were nearly identical. same on foreign policy side on iran, again, disagreement, and again about equal time. 4:30 each. likewise on ending the war in afghanistan. the vice president and congressman ryan spoke for nearly the same length of time about 5:00. however, what they said could not be more different. like night and day. correspondents standing by with each side.
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more results coming in from the poll of registered voter who's watched tonight's vice presidential debate. 55% say joe biden did better than expected. 26% say woe, and 18% said the same as they expected. on the other side. 51% say ryan did better than expected. 19% say worse. and 28% say about the same as expected. very, very equally divided opinions. anderson. >> it's interesting. if you ask the question who won, there is one answer. if you ask who dominated the debate. you thought in terms of who
11:27 pm
dominated the debate, joe biden thought he dominated, rather than in a rude way or not. do you agree with that, or not? >> joe biden, because he was so involved, ryan couldn't speak without biden speaking. he challenged points directly. he gets in your face, that's his m.o. as paul pointed out earlier, biden being biden in this case, that's what democrats needed. they needed somebody to explain the administration with a certain amount of passion on foreign policy and on domestic. >> joe biden, by nature, a very passionate person. he overwhelms almost everybody in conversation. he just flows. and he doesn't quite -- there are those qualities. and martha raddatz was trying to
11:28 pm
figure out malarkey and some of the other stuff. that's irish. the conversation around thanksgiving dinner or in a pub. he dominated, in contrast to his boss. he would not yield on anything. wanted to jump in on every point. see the split, draw, who won? what will this do? liberals, energized. conservatives, energized. maybe both will go up a little in the sense have you energy and activity until tuesday night. one other footnote, historically, a candidate for vice president who bombs one of these, destroys their future credibility as a presidential candidate. paul ryan did not do that. >> what people look for in a president is not always passion. they like calmer demeanor, a little bit more deliberate. paul ryan i think did do very well for his future tonight.
11:29 pm
but not quite there as a president. got the makings of being a president over time. the quieter demeanor in a debate like this has virtue and it came out to be more like a draw. >> one thing about how this did change, trajectory of this race and strategy of going forward. what ryan sought to do in tone and substance tonight was to undermine the strategic imperative deal of the obama campaign, which is win by destruction, we have romney, not an extremist, crazy person. ryan not an extremist, crazy person. every time they do that they prove the attack ads to be incredulous and discredit their future attacks. their talking point tonight, as it was after the romney debate, he's a liar, he's a liar, he's a liar, and all of that didn't work. so n they will call him liar.
11:30 pm
but every time they prove to defy a caricature, it discredits future attacks. >> does it discredit those ads? >> no, and we'll know in 28 days, 26 days, certainly not. he did tie his dog to the roof of a car, in a dog carrier and drive him to canada. that's not what the election is about. this is the issues they talked about tonight. medicare. we saw how much time was spent. joe biden went through the stats, but then he said, who do you trust? and he sat there with the gravitas and 69 years of living, and the democrat experience, and he said who do you trust? >> we can do a little better than that. if i can. we can do better than saying the election will be about medicare. i know that's what you want it to be about. one thing we didn't see tonight
11:31 pm
at all, has not changed. ask anderson what has changed tonight. one thg didn't change, obama's rationale for getting re-elected. he didn't have any. nothing new that will give him another four years. that's what you want it to be about. we can do better than just repeating. >> we are standing by with vice president biden's son. it's anderson, are you on the air? we just lost jessica. you were saying? >> first of all, i don't think that's right. i heard a very compelling case made for going forward and moving forward. but let me say one thing. one of the things that i don't think i've heard anybody say before. the transcript is up. i've never heard anyone say there is no humanitarian case to be made for the united states moving forward.
11:32 pm
world war ii, no humanitarian case. paul ryan said some things. >> he backtracked. he said it's case by case. >> but he was asked pretty directly about -- humanitarian case. >> using force humanitarian enough. he said strategic interest of the united states. there's a difference. >> anderson, in the news cycle, vice president biden directly contradicted the testimony today and in recent days from the department of state what was known when and how much security provided and when it was asked. he keeps carrying this line. >> i don't think it's right. >> you have the transcript, look it up. >> i thought what he said was directly line. what we pout out there, what we had, and intelligence sources told us and moved forward. >> intelligence services have said that's not what they were giving them. they never said it was a video
11:33 pm
anybody who has in anything to do with this knew it wasn't a video. >> also reports i think a week ago that in the intelligence community there was a belief early on it was a terrorist attack within the initial days. that contradicts what joe biden said. whether the initial report is correct, i don't know. does contradict. i want to check in with jim acosta. jim. >> hi, anderson. i'm with a senior at visor of the romney campaign. he has been spending a lot of time with paul ryan. you're also a key forbes policy adviser. let me get to afghanistan first. we heard the debate -- part of the debate between joe biden and paul ryan on the issue of afghanistan and the withdrawal date. joe biden made it very clear this country is getting out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. doesn't sound as if paul ryan was ready to go there.
11:34 pm
what is the answer? >> according to president obama's policy, not necessarily what joe biden said. but according to policy, we transition to afghan forces in 2014, and the administration maintains flexibility to keep forces or redeploy forces, even in a non-combat role. there are a number of years after 2014 that the administration's own policy allows for the same thing. congressman ryan believes that 2014 should be the transition, and they think the flexible the president built in is appropriate. but the goal, handing off security to the afghan forces on that very important issue there, is no difference between the president and governor romney. >> stylistic points of debate, we heard vice president biden interrupting congressman ryan. calling him in friend. did you prepare for that?
11:35 pm
>> i watched a lot of biden debate tape over the years. i never seen him perform quite like he did tonight. i'll leave it to others to judge whether it was appropriate for the office of vice president. the contrast was striking on substance, where congressman ryan, laid out a plan, governor romney wanted to pursue the next four years. laid out what has happened over the last four years, the president and vice president tonight couldn't articulate what happened, no really explanation. no rationale for the next four years, so on content, a real choice between ryan and biden, and on demeanor, again, was struck by the contrast in demeanor. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time. wolf, i've been talking to several republicans tonight in this room and feel like this was essentially a draw. i haven't heard a whole lot of people saying to me private that will paul ryan won the debate outright.
11:36 pm
but in their minds, a draw is enough to live to fight another day and not change the momentum of the race. >> i think that's becoming more and more obvious. the republicans were reassured by ryan, democrats reassured by biden. and now another reality check on mitt romney's tax plan. >> they fought a lot about the romney tax plan. ryan said you could have 20% income tax rate cuts across the board, remain deficit neutral without eliminating deductions that benefit the middle class. listen. >> you can cut tax rates by 20%. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. >> the facts, nonpartisan tax policy center says given what we know about romney's plan, it's not possible to cut rates as much as he would like without eliminating deductions that would affect the middle class.
11:37 pm
you can't dot without changing rules on taxes, which the romney campaign said it will not do. our verdict here is false according to the tax policy center, this cannot be done. another subject, the auto bailout. the vice president made the claim that mitt romney said let detroit go bankrupt. >> we immediately went out and rescued general motors, went ahead and made sure we cut taxes for the middle class. in addition to that, when that occurred, what did romney do? romney said, no, let detroit go bankrupt. >> romney penned an op-ed that the editors titled, "let detroit go bankrupt." romney never used those words. he called for a managed bankruptcy of auto companies. something that the obama administtion ultimately implemented. by the letter, the verdict is
11:38 pm
false. romney never said let detroit go bankrupt. also, his opposition to the bailout or direct federal investment puts him at add odds. will the obama plan cause people to lose insurance? ryan said it will cost 20 million people their insurance. >> look at the string of broken promises. if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, try telling that to the 20 million people who will lose insurance. >> the congressional budget analysis mentioned the possibility -- the outside possibility of 20,000 people losing cover rage due to the law. part of a range of possibilities, including 3 million people gaining coverage. in the conclusion, the cbo and the joint committee on taxes judgment is a sharp decline in
11:39 pm
employment based health insurance as a result of affordable care act is unlikely. unlikely. so our verdict here, wolf, is simply it's false. paul ryan went out on a limb there. and during the last segment, i pointed out paul ryan was right when it said iran has enough material to make five nuclear bombs. it said iran had five bombs, that is obviously not the case. it should have said that iran had enough material for five bombs, we do fact checks, so we just wanted to clarify. >> thank you very much, john. more results just in from our poll of debate watchers, 57% say biden is qualified to be president, if necessary. 42% say he's not. 60% say ryan would be qualified to be president. 38% say he's not. and 50% say paul ryan expressed
11:40 pm
himself more clearly. 41% say biden. 70% say biden spent more time attacking his opponent. 53% found ryan to be more likeable. jessica yellin has the vice president's son, attorney general of delaware. >> i am here with attorney general beau biden. you spoke to your dad shortly after the debate. our polls show that it was essentially a draw. paul ryan slightly ahead. he must be pleased. what changed this evening? >> look, i was very happy, and my dad was in command of that station, on a whole host of issues, foreign policy to domestic. what struck me tonight, paul ryan opening the door to putting
11:41 pm
additional troops in afghanistan. i served in iraq, it's of particular interest to me you saw the vice president articulate the clear policy that president obama wants to withdraw forces by 2014. you saw congressman ryan open the door wide open to putting additional forces in afghanistan, with the conversation between the governor and paul ryan and senior policy staff. he opened a whole new area on a critically foreign policy area this is a person who says foreign policy experience he voted to send croups to war. it's a different depth of experience, you saw a stark contrast on foreign policy, on the middle class, how each would take care. my father would extend medicare and how paul ryan wants to voucherize medicare. >> and a congressman mentioned at one point.
11:42 pm
>> very kind of the congressman. but what you saw, a person opening the door to putting additional forces in afghanistan. remarkable to me. >> may i ask on a topic that might be sensitive to you, there has been criticism on twitter and among people, the chattering class about your father interrupting so frequently and his smile during the debate. are you concerned his demeanor during the debate might cause some negative reaction in the coming days? >> not at all. look, if the only criticism from the right is that he smiled too much, i'll take that any day. my father was enjoying the opportunity to debate congressman ryan on important issues, whether or not we build the middle class from the out or we do as george w. bush and paul ryan wanted to do and this trickle down notion or on medicare and how we make sure that we have the medicare we have and will for the future. >> no concern on the style point? >> not at all. my father was in command of that
11:43 pm
station, command of the facts, and gave the american people a very clear vision. paul ryan opened a very interesting area of discussion about whether he and governor romney want to commit additional forces to afghanistan. you can't talk about that loosely like he did tonight. >> thank you. we wish you and your family well. thank you for talking. >> thank you. >> an exciting night in the spin room. both sides claiming victory for their team. it seems from this vantage that it's something of a draw at this point, but we'll see in the coming days, what the polls though. >> thank you, jessica, for that. we'll see what our focus group of undecided voters on the critically important battleground state of virginia has to say about who won, who lost. and we're getting the reaction from the president of the united states. take a look at that. he's watching what's going on and look what channel he is watching.
11:44 pm
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getting reaction from the president of united states. aboard air force one in the conference room. watching cnn. glad the president has good taste in the channel he elects to watch. we're told he thought the vice president was, in his words, terrific. and he added he couldn't be prouder. mitt romney, republican presidential nominee in north carolina. watching the debate as well. don't have an official statement
11:48 pm
from him yet. i'm sure he was pleased with paul ryan's performance. the republicans like how paul ryan did. democrats certainly like how joe biden did as well. let's take a closer look at focus group of undecided virginia voters. how they responded. we measured reaction. the green line represents men. the yellow line is women. biden's best moment of the night. happened around 9:25 p.m. eastern. the question, if it's possible to get unemployment below 6%. listen to the vice president talk about taxes and the economy. >> they should be pledging to the middle class, we're going to level the playing feel. we'll give you a fair shot again. we're not going to repeat the mistakes we've done in the past by having a different set of rules for wall street and main
11:49 pm
street, making sure we continue to hemorrhage these tax cuts for the superwealthy. >> now let's take a look at paul ryan's best moment. he peaked at 9:27 p.m. eastern, answering the same question that biden peaked at. >> we need real reforms for real recovery. exactly what mitt romney and i are positive proposing. help people get the skills for the jobs they want. make trade work for america to make more things in america and champion small businesses, don't raise taxes on small businesses, they are job creators. >> let's bring in erin burnett, in virginia with a group of undecided voters, who are watching very closely. erin. >> yeah, they certainly were. let's talk about the highs. boast of them on the economy, and that's not a mistake. people here thought was the most
11:50 pm
important was the economy and jobs. michael, you thought in terms of joe biden and had to say, what did you think was his strong point? >> i thought the strong point for paul ryan was his goals that he enumerated at the end. he didn't have a plan, but if you don't have a goal, you can't make a plan. i thought that vice president biden enumerated neither goals nor plans and was somewhat elusive in terms of defining what the answers to the questions he was asked by the moderator. >> heather, you were positive on what paul ryan had to say, but also frustrated when he listed out his five goals as he used the word. >> it wasn't a five-point plan, it was a five-point set of platitudes, he wants to prove training, deficit, and trade. but not how he would.
11:51 pm
other than what his end goals were. >> interesting, wolf. some of the frustration people had, there weren't lots of specifics in this debate. and, in fact, i know you will talk about the low points. smu professors saying this is the number one debate in terms of the number of low points as scored by the focus group that they've done in the past six years. >> i want to do that right now, erin. the low points of the debate for joe biden and paul ryan. vice president, came around 9:10 p.m. eastern, near the top of the debate. explaining the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >> we weren't told we want more security. we didn't know they wanted more security. by the way, at the time, we said exactly what the intelligence community told us, that they knew. that was the assessment. and as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view. we said we will get to the bottom of this.
11:52 pm
>> the vice president's lowest moment according to our focus group. congressman ryan's low moment happened around 10:20 p.m. eastern, when he was asked about abortion. >> we don't think that un-elected judges should make this decision. that people should make this determination. >> let's go back to erin burnett with the focus group, making determinations about the low points and the high points. >> you know, and, wolf, at the end of the debate, i read them. this is the moment you scored lowest for paul ryan and joe biden. and they did. how many remember the abortion comment? every single person in this room. it's stunning. the libya comment from joe biden. every person. let's talk about the libya issue first.
11:53 pm
chris, you had a strong point of view on that go ahead. >> yes, i did have a strong point of view. i felt that biden just didn't quite speak clearly. didn't have his facts straight maybe. this is a military town, most of us have a background in it, when we went to work the next day, it was automatically assumed it was almost a terrorist attack, and on top of that, we found most of the places when you go overseas, generally have a marine detachment to protect them. why didn't they have that? why didn't they automatically provide protection for the ambassador? >> wolf, the takeaway, bottomline, end of the day, a third of the people thought paul ryan won, a third of the people think joe biden won. if you were forced to vote tonight, undecided voters, forced to vote, barack obama picked up three votes, and mitt romney picked up three votes. what we would call a tie. back to you. >> a draw. i guess people agree with us.
11:54 pm
thank you very much for that. here is the big picture from our focus group. overall, undecided virginia voters reacted more positively to congressman ryan, eight high points during the debate, while vice president biden had five points. and biden had eight of them according to our focus group. and ryan, only one low throughout the 90-minute debate. did this make viewers more likely to vote for one of the vice presidential candidates? more results from our post debate poll and we're minutes away from an encore presentation of the entire debate. see life in the best light.
11:55 pm
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we're bringing you results from our own poll of debate watcher. 49% say paul ryan did a better job of defending his running mate, compared to 43% who said joe biden did a better job. who did the vice presidential debate make you more likely to vote for? 21% said obama. 28% said romney, and 50% said neither. all indications indicate it's a draw. >> it certainly did energize democrats and the question is, those independents, people still undecided, will it change their minds, and if so, who won among them? >> happy there were no references to big bird in this debate.
11:59 pm
we're seeing very interesting trends online, facebook, vice president biden, 36% more mentions than congressman ryan, key words we're seeing about the debate. abortion number one issue, followed by malarkey. military, and medicare. very, very -- >> malarkey. >> do you say that? >> i don't think i say it enough. but it was said twice, or at least alluded to several times. >> that's a generational thing. candy crowley is moderating the next presidential debate tuesday night. >> she'll try to limit the malarkey. >> tuesday, october 16th. the debate candy crowley is moderating. what times does it start? >> 7:00. right after "the situation room." >> and special coverage. anderson, all of our people will be back, right?


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